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02 May 2019

Breaking down blockchain for the manufacturing industry

Blockchain is a method of logging data in blocks, a digital ledger of transaction, agreements and contracts linked in a time-sequenced chain. The opportunities of blockchain could be huge for manufacturing, but so are the obstacles.

03 May 2019

Comparison of heat pump drying technology and traditional drying technology

At present, agriculture, food, chemical industry, ceramics, medicine, mineral processing, pulp and paper, wood processing and other industries, all the production process almost all use drying, drying material quality depends on whether a good control of constant temperature.

03 May 2019

The chilled water change of industrial refrigeration system

Production enterprises often need chilled water for cooling in the production process. Due to the influence of production process and market output and other factors, the demand for chilled water is generally very large. In this case, it is very important to design a set of targeted chilled water circulation system.