Roofing Panel

Roofing Insulation with Rigid Foam (PUR/PIR) which is high performance insulation material. Enabling very efective energy saving and protection of the environment. In addition, Atap Java is stable, and easy to install.

          Roofing Panel are roofs with functions that are currently needed in industrial fields including warehouses, cages and housing. because it has many benefits as follows


Benefit Product 

  • Energy Saving
  • Termite Free
  • Maintain Stable Temperature
  • Muffle the Sound
  • Fireproof
  • Easy Installation
  • Strong to All Weather
  • Saving Time & Cost


Product Specification

  Effective Width  : 1000mm
  Thickness  : 25mm & 50mm
  Length  : Up to 12000mm
  Application         : Horizontal / Vertical
  External Facing  : PPGL / GL
  Internal Facing  : PPGL / GL
  Joint System  : Overlapping Ribs                    

 : 43 kg/m3 ±5% (PUR)

 : 45 kg/m3 ±5% (PIR)

  Core Material                 : PUR / PIR